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Pennebaker Conglomerates

The Language Team

Pennebaker Conglomerates was founded in 1987 and incorporated as a text analysis company in 2007.  The company seeks to apply basic research from psychology, linguistics, and computer science to business, education, and other endeavors.

Since the release of the computer program Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count, or LIWC, in 2007,  Pennebaker Conglomerates has worked with major corporations including AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and Facebook, as well as a large array of governmental and educational institutions.

James W. Pennebaker, President and CEO, received his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1977.  He is an internationally respected scientist based on his research and applications associated with expressive writing, natural language processing, and education.

Roger Booth, consultant and collaborator.  Co-developer and owner of the text analysis software LIWC and an expert in immunology and computer applications. 

Cindy K. Chung, senior consultant and advisor.  World expert in the psychological bases of natural language processing.  

Kate Niederhoffer, business and social media consultant.  Founder and CEO of Knowable Research and co-founder of Sooth.

Ryan Boyd, consultant on social language, software development.  An established developer of open source products such as RiotScan.

Jason Ferrell, consultant on statistics, social media, and personality with background in management and education.